Dear Precinct Committee People and Captains,

By now you may have heard that the Honorable Daniel Kagan has decided to resign his Senate position creating a vacancy in Senate District 26.

A vacancy committee comprised of approximately 130 PCPs, captains and county party officers will meet on January 5th at 9:30 am at Hampton Hall in Englewood Civic Center to vote on the appointment.

I’d like to personally request your vote for the Senate appointment at the January 5thh Vacancy Committee Meeting.

The rules for the vacancy process are being sent by Arapahoe County Party. Given the brevity of this timeline and the nature of a busy holiday season, I wanted to reach out to you and introduce myself.

In 2006, I ran for the House of Representatives in House District 37, now HD38. We came very close to winning and earned 49% of the vote in a district outnumbered two to one by Republicans. Although the previous election cycle was lost by 6,500 votes, our campaign team of thirty volunteers narrowed that margin to within 750 votes. Since then, I’ve authored several bills for the Colorado Legislature, trained over one thousand community leaders in civics and policy in my ten years with the Family Leadership Training Institute. Over the course of these past two decades, I’ve helped to elect many of our current Democratic representatives and built successful coalitions around a common legislative platform, the Colorado Children’s Action Agenda. I’ve coordinated the Youth and Senior Commission for the City of Centennial and supported numerous education initiatives through my non-profit Uniting4Kids.

With a Democratic Governor and majorities in the House and the Senate, this is a monumental opportunity to forward policies that address the pain points in our community and better serve children, families and seniors.

It is my hope to serve you in the Colorado Senate and I will need your help getting there.

To learn more about me and the services I’ve been providing, please visit my website at You will be hearing from me as a follow up to this email as I will be calling over the next couple of days to ask for your support directly.

Special Thanks to my growing list of endorsements:

  • Tyler Brown, newly elected Arapahoe County Sheriff
  • PK Kaiser, newly elected Arapahoe County Assessor
  • Joan Lopez, newly elected Clerk and Recorder
  • Marlo Alston, Centennial City Council Member
  • Vorry Moon, Former Centennial City Council Member
  • Dallas Hall, Sheridan City Council Member and Former Mayor
  • Ilana Spiegel, Children’s Advocate and Education Leader
  • Nancy Cronk, Former HD 37 Candidate and organizer of the Women’s March
  • Betty Harris, Former Chair of HD38

In common striving and spirited partnership,

Angela Engel