A Journey Inward

This is your Invitation to venture into the deep well of oneness, to unearth the answers to your sacred longings, and to cultivate the path to inner peace and freedom.

My Story

I was first introduced to Psilocybin as my father was entering hospice. We had been navigating Alzheimer’s for the past ten years. His last three months were marked by a very frightening state of psychosis. As his only care giver, I was struggling with an appropriate course of action and making the final decisions.

Always an explorer of alternative paths, my investigations into Psilocybin led me to the John’s Hopkins research on addiction and terminally ill patients. I found the evidence compelling. For decades, I had been working with children who were at-risk. I knew how progress through traditional counseling can be marginal and slow.

When I hired my first facilitator, I had no prior experience with psychedelics. The trip was so profound that unresolved issues in my relationship with my father were clarified and healed. I was able to navigate the last weeks of his life with grace and understanding. Psilocybin offers the ultimate lessons in LOVE.

My intuitive gifts made guiding a natural fit. Since I was a child, I have shared a deep connection with otherworld’s and realms beyond the material. Psilocybin is the most efficient means of dissolving psychological and emotional barriers, resolving internal conflicts, and clearing away false beliefs. Facilitated journeys offer a clear path to understanding and acceptance. Natural medicine transcends the cognitive realms and provides a means by which we can access essential wisdom and divine guidance.


What makes this experience unique:

There are traditionally two options for a facilitated Psilocybin experience. The clinical approach is often conducted in an office setting with a licensed practitioner. The informal type of facilitation involves an observer, often called a sitter, providing support on an as-needed basis. My approach is quite different.

Guided experiences are customized to your needs. A rich background in teaching and facilitation has prepared me for this work. With a master’s degree in education, I’ve facilitated hundreds in civic leadership and community engagement. I run a non-profit in education advocacy. I also teach part-time for a Master’s program, helping teachers to be more effective with youth at-risk. Most importantly, I’ve done the work to heal, to live a conscious life, and to cultivate a rich spiritual practice which informs this process. My life’s purpose is to help remove the veils, both individually and collectively. Liberation is accessible to each one of us, and a worthwhile goal for all of us.

Psilocybin journeys provide the opportunity for personal transformation and a divine encounter with the soul. Sessions are centered on creating comfortable, protected settings conducive for traveling into the deepest parts of the Self. Both collaborative and ceremonial, this is a sacred partnership with natural medicine. Through a mystical process, you will be safely and soulfully guided, from beginning to end. My offerings also include monthly support groups, individual coaching, and meditation classes.


In my client’s words:

“I think I achieved in one afternoon what two years of traditional therapy hadn’t been able to accomplish. I felt safe and supported at all times, as well as challenged and guided to use the experience wisely. Overall, it was life-changing in all the best ways!” ~Jacques R.

I recently had a session with Angela. I can say that an important issue was addressed in the session. As a result, I have noticed I am less reactive and less likely to feel the need to control the situation….whatever it is. Altogether, I feel less anxious and happier just being in the moment.

I think Angela has a true gift for guiding one to the truth.
It is very worthwhile to explore what might be hidden in the closet.
I highly recommend receiving a healing and new perspective on one’s life. ~ L.C.

Angela is an amazing guide. I didn’t have a lot of experience with psilocybin, but I felt safe with Angela’s recommendations. The insights I’ve gained from the single session are indispensable. I’ve spent so much of my life trying to decode everything around me. The journey allowed me to see that I didn’t have to decode and analyze everything. Life has become easier and even those around me have commented that I seem, “…Much more Zen like.” For those seeking a deeper understanding to the life that unfolds around us, I highly recommend working with Angela. I’m a happier and calmer person because of the experience, and this has helped me in all aspects of my life – work, friends, and with my wife. ~Greg Shim, Licensed Acupuncturist

“I was struggling to process some feelings surrounding my dad’s death. Despite having never tried psychedelics prior to this experience, Angela’s process helped me to feel very comfortable. During the session, her expertise as a facilitator helped me to see things from a different perspective and let go of some limiting beliefs that had been holding me back for some time.” ~ Beth

“My experience with Angela allowed delving into emotions on a very deep level within a single session.  I have experienced dulled-out emotions anti-depressants create or even that Lyme disease can cause. I was seeking to awaken and become more open to emotional depth as well as redefining my boundaries and realities.  I am currently on a very positive reset and my depression has lessened as awareness has increased.” ~ MT

The combination of Angela’s gifted intuition and intentional guidance has led to profound personal growth and life changing epiphanies.” ~ Richard

My first experience was wrought with anxiety, fear, and excitement. Angela has a natural discerning ability. She provided a safe, peaceful, and calm place where I felt delight and wonder. I’m grateful to have chosen Angela for the journey. ~ Catherine C.

***A facilitated psilocybin session is not intended as therapy or treatment, or to replace therapy or treatment. Angela Engel is an ordained Minister, teacher, master facilitator, and practitioner of ceremonial magic, and not a licensed therapist or medical doctor of any kind.  Her services provide illuminating and often transformative experiences offered for the purposes of increasing an individual’s personal spiritual capacity.  Guided experiences, teachings, meditations, readings, spiritual rituals, and suggestions are offered on this basis.***


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