Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate?

An Invitation is designed for a deep collective of women of all ages who share a genuine desire for transformation. Events that require physical demands and may be limiting to some, will be indicated at registration. Our event facilities are ADA accessible. We value diversity and encourage women of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations and political affiliations (Yep – we’re that inclusive!)


I don’t like surprises.  What if I need more information?

This model is designed to open women to new possibilities. Keeping it a secret is part of the fun but it’s also intended to infuse new experiences and overcome defenses that may be keeping you locked in old patterns. Listen to the quiet voice within that whispers, “It’s okay to try something new.” You want to play, don’t you?


What kinds of events will be offered?

A range and variety of adventures have been customized to speak directly to a sensory experience. Our emphasis is experiential rather than cognitive and collaborative versus individualistic. Some events are specifically customized while others are hidden treasures, simply waiting to be unearthed and rediscovered on your own in the future.


Do I have to attend the orientation?

Yes, ma’am. All invitations require you first attend the orientation. There are specific requirements suggested to maximize your experiences. You’ll even learn something new here too!


Do I have to attend the follow up gathering?  

Nope, but you will have paid for it. Caution: disrupting your normal, may prove a little uncomfortable. Growth awaits and we’ll be right there with you. You are worth it!


Is there a discount for committing to multiple classes?

Yes. We have package offers provided at orientation. Early-bird discounts apply up to one-week in advance of each event.


Is membership required?

No, pick and choose the events that work with your schedule and willingness to live freely and courageously.


What is your cancellation policy?  What if I registered and cannot attend?

We understand scheduling conflicts can arise and life happens. Cancellations made 72 hours in advance of the event can be applied to the following month’s event. Due to limited space on invitations, refunds are not provided.

Invitations are transferrable, provided an orientation has been completed in advance of the event.

Are all of the events in the Denver metro area?

The majority of events are in the Denver Metro Area. However, there are a couple of exceptions. General location will be provided in advance as part of registration details. Any exceptions for long distances will be clearly communicated.