Welcome to “An Invitation”
By Angela Engel

This isn’t like anything you’ve seen before. Specifically designed for women, this is a series of events and experiences that bring us closer to knowing ourselves and living our unique lives fully and authentically. The Invitation is based on the principle that every need can be met, every wound healed, and every wish actualized.

It started with my own journey fifteen years ago when at the age of thirty I arrived at the very place I was trying to get: a college degree, husband, a home, two children, dogs and a garden. Only I realized I was missing something – me.

Unlike traditional paths of psycho-analysis and talk therapy, I sought new experiences: healers and teachers, but also artists, body workers, musicians, philosophers, psychics, dreamers and dancers. I discovered that each new context has the potential to take us out of our comfortable lives and offer a new insight into ourselves, and the larger picture, to which we all belong. I uncovered amazing mystics living and sharing amidst our everyday lives and the most extraordinary experiences that expand your thinking and open your heart to a new mystery.

We’re all bound by past beliefs; ancestral narratives; wounds – real and imagined; expectations unmet and realized, and all sorts of illusions projected by us and onto us.

The Invitation is different in that it approaches awareness, not from a place of self, but instead from a place of community. As one heals, so does the whole. As one awakens, so does the whole. As one celebrates, so does the whole.

Here’s how it works: each month there will be an offering of a new adventure titled, The Invitation. As attendance increases, more events will be added. Not every adventure will speak to you and it is up to you to determine which invitations you will respond with, “Yes” and which invitations you will respond with, “No.” A few clues will be provided however, the actual event will remain a surprise. Instructions and directions will be emailed the day prior to the event.

Most of these adventures you can find on your own and if it is something that you enjoy, you can return to as often as you like. The goal is to create new routines and realities; experiences that nurture your soul and allow you to grow, examine, create and connect to your people and your unique purpose.

It is important that you trust yourself in choosing your adventures. Your body is a teacher and a guide. If you find resistance within yourself, acknowledge it as an opportunity to stretch or simply consider the next invite.

Each person begins at the same place with an orientation scheduled at the beginning of each month. There is no membership and no obligation. Each event is followed one week later by a debriefing session, titled the “after-party”. Participating adventurers will meet to discuss the experience, explore new insights and examine the things that both make us uncomfortable and open our lives to new possibilities. New information will be shared and the event may be extended with invited guests and additional experiences. There is a wide range in variety and each invitation is specifically selected to reveal new methods, modalities, and communities. The charge for both the event and the follow-up session is $97.00 although some may be higher depending on the costs. We have an introductory rate of $109.00 including all three: one-time orientation, your first invitation and the after-party.

I am not a therapist. I assure you, this is way more fun than therapy. By title, I am an, author, agitator and liberator. My career has led me to train facilitators and develop leaders. I have a master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction and specialize in engaging people in ways that are meaningful and mind blowing. The Invitation was first piloted over one year with a group of women whose lives were transformed by coming together and stepping into new and different experiences. We are all teachers and healers, poets and prophets, leaders and song-writers. Our journey to know oneself; to love all the parts of ourselves unconditionally, in the context of a shared community, is universal. You are INVITED to join us as we adventure into the vast and beautiful world and the great mysteries beyond.

If someone told you, “You are free and at peace, you likely would not believe. But if you danced freely and sat in peace, the experience would become the evidence you sought.

Angela Engel