Welcome to “An Invitation”

An Invitation is a monthly series specifically designed to bring you closer to knowing yourself and living your unique life fully and authentically.

How it all began:

The idea for An Invitation started with my own journey many years ago. I had arrived at the very place I was trying to get: a college degree, husband, a home, two children, dogs and a garden. Only I realized I was missing something… Me.

Unlike traditional paths of talk therapy and self-improvement, I sought new experiences to transform my own perceptions and projections. I uncovered amazing mystics, teachers, artists, healers, and creators. I discovered each new context has the potential to take us out of our comfortable lives and offer new insights into ourselves, and the greater context.

How it works:

Through a series of unique opportunities, sensory experiences, and deep conversations, our thoughts feelings and actions are transformed, opening, our lives to a new sense of freedom and possibility.

What makes An Invitation so special?

Because we’re all connected, An Invitation is Collaborative. And because you can’t think your way into a new reality, An Invitation is Experiential.

Unlike personal growth models of the past, a supportive and shared community allows you to move beyond barriers, change limiting beliefs and shift both your perceptions and your experience. An Invitation nurtures, challenges and increases your spiritual capacity so you can connect more deeply with everyone and everything. 

    An Invitation is for you if you, If you’re feeling:

    • Stuck in your career and professionally unfulfilled
    • Unsatisfied in your relationships and hungry for deeper intimacy
    • Overwhelmed by a transition and searching for a clearer sense of direction or purpose
    • Uncomfortable with the dull sense of familiar and ready to discover the beyond
    • Alone and eager to connect with compassionate and interesting people
    • Or, if life is simply “almost” but “not quite”

      What we do

      An Invitation guides you from right where you are to greater health and happiness and new ways of knowing how to:

      • Nurture your soul
      • Refine, balance and restore
      • Create real solutions to your toughest problems
      • Share your gifts & talents without fear or judgment
      • Inspire and inhabit the next best version of yourself

        The journey to know ourselves, to love all the parts of ourselves, unconditionally, in the context of a caring and connected community, is universal.

        This is An INVITATION just for you…

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