Seeds of Tomorrow

by Angela Engel


Book Cover

Angela Engel moves beyond criticism of public education uniting readers toward a vision of educating children that is holistic, intelligent, and empowering. Seeds of Tomorrow: Solutions for Improving Our Children’s Education offers reasonable alternatives to high-stakes testing. Engel promotes educational philosophies in support of differentiation and personalization rather than uniformity and conformity. She introduces school collaborative accountability models ensuring academic integrity and excellence on behalf of students, teachers, and our communities.

In a time of political transition and optimism, Americans are looking for the means to improve our nation’s schools. Engel acknowledges the interdependence between education, democratic citizenship, the global work force and the economy, the individual and the community. She seeks not to create consensus on a singular school model but rather to build a common framework. New decisions necessitate a clear understanding of where we’ve come from and where we’re headed.

Written for parents, teachers, administrators, students, and policy makers committed to children and change, the book is hopeful in its analysis of our current challenges: poverty, inequity, and budget shortfalls. It is also sensible in its examination of today’s proposals including performance pay, magnet schools, charter schools, and vouchers.

Uniquely engaging and surprisingly entertaining, Engel’s combination of story telling and research data offers a comprehensive guide to cultivating future generations of problem-solvers and leaders.