Meet the Author

Angela Engel writes from her experiences as a teacher, parent, school administrator, speaker, and policy advisor. Currently a facilitator for the Family Leadership Training Institute. Her work with state legislators has led to policies that improve learning and opportunities for Colorado’s children.

“I’ve witnessed an enormous disconnect between what parents want from their children’s education and what policy makers are mandating. I wrote Seeds of Tomorrow to bridge the divide between policy and the real lives of children.”

About Angela Engel

Angela Engel is the Co-Founder, and Executive Director of Uniting 4 Kids. She is the acclaimed Author of Seeds of Tomorrow: Solutions for Improving our Children’s Education., Angela earned a masters degree in curriculum and instruction and has spent the past twenty years in teaching and administration. In 2008 she led the Children’s Action Agenda, organizing children’s advocacy groups from around Colorado on a common legislative platform. Most recently she designed the “50 State Resolution” to end No Child Left Behind and authored legislation to reduce high-stakes testing, protect parental rights, and improve prevention and early intervention services for low-income children. She is a veteran facilitator for the Family Leadership Training Institute. Prior to teaching, she founded a mentoring and tutoring program for at-risk children and lives in Colorado with her two daughters Grace, 16 and Sophie, 14.


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