The Children's Action Agenda: Join Us!

Tennyson Center for Children and the Every Child Matters Education Fund are proud to be partners in presenting the Children’s Action Agenda, a legislative agenda prepared by a coalition of children’s organizations and advocates.

This initiative was born out of the realization that we do not currently have a comprehensive litmus test for introducing or measuring policies that serve future generations of Coloradoans. When it comes to education, Colorado spends $1034.00 less per pupil annually than the national average. Nearly one in six — 180,000 children — are without health care coverage. We currently have the second highest estimated prevalence of asthma in the nation. And despite having the 5th highest rate of per capita income in the US, we have the 8th highest rate of children living in poverty . As partners, we have a powerful opportunity to create a better world for the children of Colorado.

The comprehensive agenda consists of five categories: poverty, at-risk, education, health care, and environment. We have taken great care to support the excellent work already being done by commissions and policy developers around the state. We have also tried to ambitiously and courageously carry forward a vision for a children and a future built with integrity and intention.

“I’m not big on litmus tests but I will have one litmus test for every bill that comes to my desk, one challenge for you: How does this create a better future for our children and our children’s children?”
—Governor Bill Ritter, The Colorado Promise

Download and view the Children’s Action Agenda by clicking the links below:

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Individual Categories:



At Risk


Health Care



In Spirited Partnership:

Angela Engel – Project Director
Becky Miller Updike – Colorado Director, Every Child Matters, Tennyson Center for Children
Joellen Raderstorf – Director, Mothers Acting Up
Kathy White – Project Coordinator, Fiscal Policy Institute
Jeff McDonald – Director, Jeffco Juvenile Assessment Center; SB94 Administrator
Peggy Rudden – Executive Director, CASA Advocates for Children
Dr. J. Tod Parker – Director, Parker Froyd & Associates
Kathy Poirier – Director of Children and Family Services, The Gathering Place
Matt Garrington – Director, Envrionment Colorado
Dave Sevick (Design & Layout) – Director of Marketing & Communications, Tennyson Center for Children

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