Community Conversations

Health and Happiness: Yours and Everyone Else’s
Join us for a Community Conversation and Speakers Series:

March 22nd 6-8pm
Koelbel Library, Forum
5955 S. Holly St. Centennial, CO 80121

Meet our panel experts and learn:

  • Three simple and scientifically proven things you can start today that will improve your nutrition and help you reach your health goals.
  • The difference between nutritional science and food marketing. 
  • How capitalism influences nutrition recommendations. 
  • The therapeutic benefits of food
  • How nutritional deficiencies lead to aches and pains
  • Strategies to support your body’s own recuperative efforts without medication
  • How to Find and keep balance in life
  • The hidden powers of breath
  • How movement connects to mental health


Community Conversations and Speakers Series is designed to connect community, create innovative solutions, and catalyze the human collective for good.

Each monthly series focuses on a new topic featuring diverse thought leaders and inspiring examples.

Beth Jauquet, RD

Beth Jauquet is a Registered Dietitian and self-appointed Happiness Coach. She specializes in helping her clients achieve optimum health through connection, joyful practice, and the development of a healthy relationship with food. This philosophy of balance is found throughout The Primalized Method and The Ate Thousand diet, which Beth co-created. In addition to being a Registered Dietitian, Beth has a background in athletics and exercise physiology which gives her a great appreciation for the potential of the human body and importance of movement. Today, Beth uses her education and experience, as well as a Traditional Chinese Medicine 5 Elements model to help her clients achieve their goals.

LaShay Canady, BS, CCWFN, MS

Live Your Best Life: Unlock the Power of Whole Food Nutrition
Every human body needs five key components to function optimally: carbs, proteins, fats, minerals, and vitamins, but getting the right kind and balance is the challenge. “The primary cause of dis-ease isn’t germs, genes, or toxins. It’s malnutrition,” according to Dr. Royal Lee. Her work with clients involves exploring how nutritional deficiencies lead to illness, how to balance body chemistry, and the three macronutrients for health. These lifetime nutrition principles give more energy, less signs of ‘hangry’, fewer symptoms, less pain, and better health. LaShay Canady, BS, CCWFN, MS is the Executive Director of the International Foundation for Nutrition and Health. Her primary goal is to support the body’s own recuperative efforts. She will help you create your own food plan (no diet!) for life.

Cheryl Lundberg

Cheryl is a Yoga instructor and ACE certified personal trainer. After owning and operating a successful retail store for 10 years, a family friend asked, “What would you do, if you could do anything?” Her answer was immediate, “I would help people become healthier and stronger through personal training, coaching and yoga.” Since 2002 she has been living that dream! She brings creativity, fun, and compassion to every session. Offering weekday yoga sessions, her Yoga in the Park, attracts dozens of practitioners, from beginners to advanced. More than 700 hundred videos are available on YouTube and leave you feeling like you accomplished more than you thought you could. Balancing support with the right amount of challenge, Cheryl works individually and with small groups to help you master your inner “Warrior”. Find your free videos and follow Cheryl on YouTube @YogaWithCheryl or check out her website at