This is an off election year so fewer people will be voting. Unfortunately some pretty bad characters can then get elected by small margins of voters. Douglas County is an excellent example. The decisions made by your “elected” school boards impacts your life and the lives of ALL children. If you like art, music and PE, you’ll want to vote. If you believe our youth should have access to school counselors and mental health services, elect good people. If you think teachers should be supported, parents included and children served then please participate in the decision making.

Corporations are buying these school board elections in order to sell their products and improve their bottom dollar. Large school board elections in Jeffco, Denver and Douglas County are primarily financed by corporate elites, many whom reside outside of Colorado.
Anne Rowe, an investment banker, raised 3X more than social worker, Emily Sirota in the last election. The majority DPS board then spent the next four years firing teachers and shutting, taking over neighborhood schools and shutting down bilingual and special needs programs. Please revisit the video for a firsthand view:

Just because they can buy more advertising, doesn’t make them the right leaders for our children. We have a responsibility to protect children and youth, I know this election stuff is divisive and exhausting, but it’s important.

These are my personal picks (and NOT picks) for school board races. If I don’t weigh in on a district it is because, either I didn’t know the candidates well enough, or I did not feel there was enough of a distinction to comment. As a reminder, all of the advocacy work I do on behalf of children and families is pro-bono. I am not paid for my opinions and I do not receive any kick-backs for my choices, it’s quite the opposite in fact. As a 25-year-children’s advocate these are my choices for school board races. They aren’t all perfect and it’s possible they could make a mistake here and there but they have stepped into leadership positions to serve children; they understand the issues; they will protect neighborhood schools; support our classroom teachers; and give parents and youth a voice in education. These are my kind of PEEPS:

Vote for BOE candidates:
iStock_000003419237XSmall2Select the link for additional information

Douglas County
Anne-Marie Lemieux
David Ray
Wendy Vogel

Jefferson County
Ali Lasell
Amanda Stevens
Brad Rupert
Susan Harmon

Ron Mitchell

Michael Kiley
Robert Speth
Kristi Butkovich


Cherry Creek
Do not vote for this person. (I was concerned if people saw the name listed with my picks they would get confused so look closely at why this is not an appropriate candidate for a school board member. He is now running as the only Republican a four-way run off)

Do not vote:
Look closely at the link to FUNDERS:

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Carnegie Corporation of New York
Fund for Educational Excellence
The Joyce Foundation
Laura and John Arnold Foundation
Michael and Susan Dell Foundation
National Alliance for Public Charter Schools
Nellie Mae Education Foundation
US Department of Education
Walton Family Foundation
Anonymous – (Isn’t this curious???)