– by Eileen Forlenza

I am honored to submit my endorsement for Angela Engel.  She was first referred to me ten years ago when I was launching the Family Leadership Training Institute.  

The Family Leadership Training Institute is a twenty week civic leadership program designed for a diverse cohort of people to develop sustainable change in our communities. Angela is a veteran facilitator and expanded the model by creating a Leadership Day at the Capital. Nearly 2,000 participants from across the state have participated in the program since 2009. As a Master Facilitator, she trained new Colorado Facilitators for thirteen sites throughout Colorado.

Angela understands at a deep level that unless the community is involved in the civic process, democracy will be compromised.  She has gone out of her way to ensure the voices of the community are honored, heard and integrated. Angela inspires others through her example of leadership. She is bold yet gentle, driven but flexible, kind and honest.

I have observed her unique ability to create a safe space for engaging in challenging and constructive conversations with people across the state. From a classroom in Five Points to a gymnasium in Leadville, Angela understands that when it comes to developing public policy, the voice of the community is vital and the needs of each community are not always the same.  Angela is inclusive of all people and perspectives.

As a community leader, many people look up to her to “right” what is “wrong” in our civic process. And yet, she resists the message of right and wrong, preferring to illuminate the opportunities where we can build consensus.

Angela’s strength in character is anchored in an impenetrable commitment to serving others.  I am completely confident that Angela Engel will be an effective Senator for the citizens of SD26 and for fellow Democrats across the state.

To learn more about the Family Leadership Training Institute, or submit an application visit: http://fltiofcolorado.colostate.edu/



Eileen Forlenza
Former Director of the Family Leadership Training Institute
Current: Senior Account Executive at SAS Institute