Senate District 26 and Members of the Vacancy Committee,

I was disheartened to hear of Daniel Kagan’s decision to resign his seat in the Colorado State Senate. Senator Kagan has served our community well since 2009. In light of this recent vacancy, please accept this letter as my intent to run for the appointment in SD 26.

My experience running for House District 37, writing legislation, organizing successful grassroots initiatives and my work over the past ten years engaging citizens and equipping leaders in the civic process has helped prepare me to effectively represent the good people of our community.

My twenty-five years in education advocacy speaks to my commitment to the children of Colorado. In 2008 I brought major partners from across the state to work towards a common legislative platform, The Children’s Action Agenda. In 2012 under the leadership of Representative Judy Solano, I wrote the Colorado Preschool Bill which identified seven million dollars where Colorado was exceeding Federal testing requirements. If the bill had survived the House Veterans Affairs Committee, led by Republicans, it would have created three thousand pre-school slots for low-income children.

As you well know, education is one of the biggest priorities for the citizens of Colorado. With a Democrat for Governor and majorities in the House and Senate, we have a unique opportunity to accomplish good things in terms of affordable housing, expanding mental health, reducing incarcerations and funding our public schools. It is my goal to ensure children are made a priority and the policies in education work.

Thank you for your consideration and the opportunity to promote Democratic values of equity, inclusion and integrity. If appointed by this vacancy committee, I will honorably represent people and community, carrying forward the proud legacy established in our district by Daniel Kagan and Linda Newell in the Colorado Senate.

Angela Engel