-by Ann Ghist

SD26 Vacancy Committee,

I am writing as a PCP in 151 SD26 to request that you join me in support for Angela Engel for Colorado Senate seat District 26.

I first met Angela in 2005 when she gave a presentation for our house district meeting.  The topic was common sense volunteering and community activism.  I was struck by how articulate, enthusiastic and thoughtful she was.  So shortly thereafter I joined, along with other friends, a political discussion group of Angela’s known as the Eleanors.

Naturally, in 2006 when Angela decided to run for House of Representatives District 37, I decided to volunteer for her.   Well,  against all odds, due to her passion, hard work and persistence we nearly stole a seat in a heavily Republican district.  

Angela has been an inspirational volunteer, advocate and activist as she fights for public education and the rights of our children.  I have been particularly pleased that she has emphasized the rights of special needs and preschool children.  

She has proven her commitment and honed her skills of collaboration and legislation writing while working with others on legislative issues, building coalitions, and supporting candidates that share our progressive values.  

To make a long story short, I’m supporting Angela because she is a “Gitterdone lady.”  She will be a Gitterdone competent Senator who will work across the aisle to pass legislation that will be good for Colorado.  

I hope you will join me in appointing Angela Engel to SD26 so we can all Gitterdone under the Colorado dome. 

Ann M Ghist
151 PCP and activist

You are invited!

January 3rd at 6pm
Angela’s Home
6081 S. Spotswood St. (MAP)
Littleton, CO 80120
Please RSVP at 303-908-1954
or angela_engel@msn.com