Angela Engel, with a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction and over 25 years of experience and influence in education, is now offering unique leadership opportunities for personal transformation and women’s empowerment.

A Master Trainer and Facilitator, Angela has trained hundreds of leaders across Colorado. She is the founder of an education advocacy and non-profit organization, Uniting4Kids, responsible for improving policies for children and families nation-wide.

Angela’s book, Seeds of Tomorrow: Solutions for Improving our Children’s Education, helped to launch a national boycott of high-stakes standardized tests. She has appeared as a featured columnist in the Denver Post, The Denver Business Journal and as in invited guest on dozens of radio, podcasts and TV programs.

She has a knack for reading between the lines of human existence and has pioneered new ways of thinking and taking action. Through her experience in human development, systems change and social movements, she is able to challenge, empower and inspire, maximizing the greatest catalyst for change in our communities – You.

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